Public Policy


There are two counties and more than 50 cities in the Inland Empire, but the region is considered one metropolitan area by most officials on the state and national levels. To answer the challenge that the region receives broad recognition and has its needs met, IEEP continually steps up its efforts to be one of the area’s strongest central voices. Lawmakers outside the region usually look at the Inland Empire as a whole and not on a city-by-city basis. It is a tremendous advantage to the area to present a unified front to key policy makers in an effort to get them to listen to the needs of the region.

The IEEP Staff works every day to support dozens of local, national and global organizations with policy advocacy in support of key decisions being made that may affect their interests. We provide access to key policy makers in an effort to make sure their voices are heard.

Policy Areas:  

Goods Movement

Health Workforce


Education & Workforce Development