Goods Movement

Logistics is a key economic sector in the Inland Empire, but it is also an industry that often finds itself under fire due to the some of the prevailing thought processes in California, which insists that logistics is bad for the environment and public health. This political thought comes from people who do not live here and often do not understand that the 4.5 million people in the Inland Empire need to eat. Manufacturing, another key element in the Inland Empire’s economy, face many of the same challenges.

The IEEP has emerged as a centralized voice against one-sided thinking. For many years the Inland Empire did not have a seat at the table when these policies were discussed, and many of the needs of the region were ignored. We have, in the last few years, been able to create a unified voice for local interests and have forced the powers that would pass regulations that hindered the Inland economy to listen to our needs.