The region must continue to press for increased state funding for transportation, and an equitable share of state funding. Investing a portion of state revenues in infrastructure leverages existing dollars and financing mechanisms and fosters public-private partnerships. A solid commitment to infrastructure investment is critical to the state’s economic vitality.


The Inland Empire Economic Partnership (IEEP) Supports:

• P3’s – Legislation enabling public-private partnerships and similar endeavors to promote new transportation capacity, including granting the use of toll operator authority where appropriate
• Continued federal and state investment in badly needed trade and transportation infrastructure throughout the Inland Empire
• Monitoring any state container fee legislation to ensure: San Bernardino County goods movement projects are funded; and San Pedro Bay Ports are not placed at a competitive disadvantage that would harm the overall Southern California economy
• Cap and Trade – State legislation that ensures some of the revenue be allocated for improvements that result in lowering emissions
• Expanding the authority of transportation agencies within California to utilize design-build contracting and other innovative methods to decrease project costs and improve delivery times
• The efforts of local governments to impose local sales taxes and other measures to finance transportation improvements
• Efforts to ease and promote the use of freeway alternatives, such as transit and telecommuting to reduce congestion and emissions