“Developing the next generation of business and civic leaders in the Inland Empire”

The Regional Leadership Academy is intended to serve actively engaged members of the regional community in the public and private sectors. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of critical issues facing the Inland Empire region, including the Coachella Valley and the High Desert, Southern California, and the state of California. Those interested in advancing their knowledge of regional issues, public policy, political and cultural perceptions of the Inland Empire within the state, and leadership skills are encouraged to participate.

Participants will engage in all-day monthly sessions from September 2023 to July 2024. The group will also travel to various destinations to connect with regional and statewide leaders. These travel opportunities will encourage civic engagement and building relationships necessary for leadership. IEEP will present those who complete* the academy with a certificate endorsed by California State University San Bernardino and California Baptist University.

This program addresses our region’s need to develop and expand a network of professional leaders in the business, government, and community sectors across the Inland Empire. The Regional Leadership Academy program will provide its participants with the invaluable experience of becoming a steward of our region. By expanding their understanding of the people, places, and trends shaping our region, the participants will become more valuable employees and citizens of the Inland Region.

We invite you to sponsor a (n) individual(s) from your exceptional team to the academy who would, in turn, benefit from your efforts through an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the Inland Empire’s role in relation to Southern California and the state of California. We ask you also to consider sponsoring candidates who reflect the diverse demographics of our region.

We ask that you contribute $2,000 per participant to The Regional Leadership Academy to support associated costs. This tax-deductible contribution (501c3) goes toward the cost of planning, facilitation, catering (all lunches are included), rental/facility fees, and some transportation (includes buses, hotel, and airfare to Sacramento). This investment has the potential to benefit the leader(s) you have identified greatly.

For any questions regarding the Regional Leadership Academy, please contact Audrey Egger at Aegger@ieep.com