Who We Are

The Inland Empire Economic Partnership (IEEP) works collaboratively with prominent business and government leaders to make the Inland Empire a great place to live, work and invest. With a constant need for change and adaptation, the IEEP strategizes the most successful ways to accommodate regional needs that succeed today and prepare us for what is to come tomorrow.

The IEEP focuses on building and strengthening the many diverse communities and sub-regions representing the Inland Empire to continue addressing current deficits in human capital, transportation infrastructure, educational attainment, environmental quality, and political influence. The IEEP stands alongside the Inland Empire’s thriving communities that work to transform our region into an economically and politically vibrant community willing and able to adapt to changing environmental, social, and economic climates.

With the help of the region’s business, political and academic leaders, the IEEP develops new initiatives to significantly and justly impact regional issues such as transportation, human capital, business environment, and business development. Our continuous efforts aid in creating a dynamic and representative regional voice with effective influence on public policy at all levels of government, simultaneously ensuring the Inland Empire enjoys its fair share of resources to help overcome challenges stemming from continued growth.

Why Join Us

The IEEP has established a new standard of communication interchange and accessibility with its investors to ensure that our initiatives reflect their highest priorities, interests, and needs. As a result, we provide success, a raised standard for accountability, and continued strides toward fulfilling our region’s needs and capabilities, allowing the Inland Empire to reach its full potential and continue to expand on it daily.

Major Projects

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